Ringtones for iPhone (Full Version) Recenzje App

la musica This really doesn't work

Pretty good ringtones but doesn't really work…

Just not working

Paralyzed, nothing clickable or linked with Itunes


The App is very limited. It is advertised as a business ringtone App, and is pretty much useless for such. I would not advise buying.

Not happy!

If I would have known all the separate tasks I had to take to download this ringtone I wouldn't wasted my $.99 on this. Haven't been able to download one yet.how do you people sleep at night.

Fair quality but better choices are available

I was underwhelmed by the quality of these tones. In a competitive market, there are several better choices available depending on your needs. In my case, I wanted an app that offered high quality business ringtones. This app fell far short in that regard. If you have a similar need check out the tones available from RCP...particularly the complete collection!


I asked and received generous help from the people to wrote this app as I could not access the ringtones after my purchase. They were very responsive and helpful. Unfortunately, the ringtones were not to my liking, but my grandkids love them.


What a waste of money! I just wanted to change my ringtones and this is what I get for. Mac is stupid! Don't get this.

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